What is the purpose of the fundraising drive?

This fundraising drive has been created for Publicis Groupe employees to support their colleagues from Ukraine and their families as the war broke out in Ukraine.
Publicis Groupe will be match-funding all donations made by Publicis Groupe employees.
The funds raised from this fundraising drive will be allocated to Publicis Groupe Ukraine employees based on the governance described on this page (Governance link).

Who are the donors for this fundraising drive donor?
The platform has been created for Publicis Groupe employees.

How will the Fund be distributed to people in need?
The funds will be distributed by the Committee following an assessment of the damages that employees have suffered. This assessment will be conducted by the Leadership team of the Ukraine operation through one-on-one interviews with every employee before the relief is approved. The proposal will be validated by the Committee.
The review process will be documented and attached as evidence of disbursements. For more details, please refer to this page on Governance.

How long will the fundraising drive last?
The fundraising drive will cease upon a ceasefire, the signing of a peace treaty or latest on 31 Dec 2022.
The funds will be transferred in the month following the closure of the fundraising drive.

How can I make a payment?
You can donate funds via credit card, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Microsoft Pay, if you have these methods enabled within your Google, Apple or Microsoft accounts.

I want to pay by Google Pay, Apple Pay or Microsoft Pay but can't seem to see these options on the payment page. How can i access them?
You need to have these methods enabled within your Google, Apple or Microsoft accounts. If you do, please make sure that you are logged into your Google, Apple or Microsoft account within your internet browser. The payment option will appear for you automatically.

Are the payments secure?
The payment platform is 100% secure. The iRaiser online donation platform integrates the highest standard of security to manage payments. All banking information used to manage payments are encrypted with the SSL protocol. They are not kept on the Groupe’s computer systems.

In what currency is the payment processed?
Declared amounts and payments are processed in Euros. If the donor’s bank account is in different currency, the donation will be converted to EUR at the exchange rate of the donor’s bank excluding any currency conversion fee that the bank may charge.

How often can I make a payment?
You are free to make regular payments. However, for security reasons, payments from a single donor can only be processed once every 24 hours.

Why was my payment not deducted from my account?
There may be various reasons why the donation was not charged to your card: there are not enough funds on the card, your donation amount has exceeded the charge limit set on the card or the card has expired. If it's none of the above reasons and you would like to find out why your donation was declined, please contact us via email.

How my personal data is being processed?
Please consult the Privacy Notice available here: to obtain more information on how your personal data is being processed.
Is the donation deductible from the tax amount?
As all donations will be allocated directly to Publicis Groupe Ukraine employees and not to a charitable organization or foundation, the donors will not be able to claim a tax deduction on their donation.

How do I get involved beyond the donation?
For more ways to help, stay tuned to our ever-growing Resource Guide, and don’t forget to follow our Ukraine Community on Marcel, if you haven’t already.

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